Warrior's Voice

It’s (not) Just Verbal

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

This little limerick rings clear in my head. Kids all across America have grown up chanting this on the playground, in their neighborhoods, or sneering at their own siblings.

“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on you.”

Another limerick, one of the most common responses to a mean word when I was a child. We were taught this by our parents, our teachers. ‘Words are just words’, they would say. ‘Words can’t actually hurt you’, they told us over and over again.

Growing up, we were taught a bully, was someone who beat up kids on the playground, after school, or at the local park. Bullies picked on kids littler than themselves. It wasn’t their words you had to worry about, it was their fists.

‘You might need to defend yourself some day, if a mean kid, bigger than you, traps you in the school bathroom and won’t let you out. You gotta come out swingin’.’ My older brothers taught me that one.

If we told our teacher a kid was calling us names, we were told not to tattle-tale. Nobody likes a tattle-tale. If we persisted, we were often called weak, someone with thin-skin. A good amount of energy was spent on strengthening our resolve to words. If we would only let the words go in one ear and out the other, surely we would be okay. They were just words. In strengthening our ability to let the hurtful words of others roll off our backs, we were taught our pain didn’t matter. It wasn’t real. It was weak. We were weak. Our voice, the one inside of us crying out, “That’s NOT okay,” was silenced.

I grew up checking myself, so as not to be a tattle-tale. Questioning my hurt, needing to justify my pain. Without adequate evidence of wrong doing by the other party, something more than words, it was better left alone. Time after time words, hurtful words, filed away in my the recesses of my mind. My inner voice wanting to call them out, but knowing better, I kept quiet.

“The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the speech of the upright rescues them.” Proverbs 12:6

Words are powerful. Words can build you up. They can tear you down. Words can put a smile on your face, or rip your heart out of your chest. They can free you from a misunderstanding. Or they can can cause division, destroying relationships, communities, governments. Words have the power to silence. To manipulate. To control. To kill.

While intentions were honorable, our parents and teachers were wrong. Sticks and stones may break bones,yes that is true. Words, can paralyze, hold captive, destroy, and even kill a person. By teaching us to ignore words, devaluing their power, we were taught to ignore our inner voice which protects us from potential harm. We were taught to second guess our ability to determine when we were being mistreated, manipulated. We were taught to ignore the early warning signs of abuse, to disregard our own voice.

Now, decades later, it is common knowledge that abusers first groom their victims. One method of grooming is to create a relationship that feels safe and provides a need the victim has. Establishing a dependency on their abuser allowing the abuser to get what they want while seemingly providing what the victim wants or needs. Another form of grooming is to use words to slowly tear the victim down, bring them into a place of submission. Initially the abuser will use minor insults which they will often reference with, ‘Oh, I was just joking. You know that, right?’, to put the victim at ease. This resonates with a person who grew up with ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’ philosophy.

As time goes on the grooming takes hold of the victim and creates the perfect environment for abuse. Many people share stories that begin with, “He never hit me, it was only verbal abuse, but……”

Verbal abuse.

Emotional abuse.

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse has the ability to alter the victims day to day state of mind. To change or stop altogether their ability to function at school, their job, in their home, and in many social environments. Over time and repeated abuse, the victim loses their ability to make decisions, causing them to question their judgement, knowledge and understanding. In many cases, verbal abuse, leads to brain washing, changing the victim’s perception of themselves, their beliefs, and the view of life and the world around them. It is under this control. this abuse, where many victims find them in a helpless position.

Overcome by low self esteem and self worth, they are unable to get a job with an income to provide for themselves (never mind if they have kids, other mouths to feed). Having been convinced by their past experiences as a child, no doubt reiterated over and over by their abuser, ‘they are only words’, the victim has never called the police to file a report. Ashamed of their inability to have a loving and happy marriage and out of fear of reprimand, the victim remains silent. Not sharing their plight with friends and family. They are isolated, beaten down, scared, alone, hopeless and stuck.

It’s not just verbal, it’s Abuse.

It’s time to stand up and speak out against all forms of abuse.

Warrior's Voice

Smell of Rain

On the walk to the bus stop I noted it must have rained in the night. The gravel beneath where my husband’s truck had sat light grey whereas the gravel around it was dark.

“Mama, I can smell the rain. Isn’t it strange, how we can smell the rain?” My son said as we walked hand in hand to the bus stop.

Strange, yes it is strange. And yet, every time I step outside after rain has fallen through the night I inhale, welcoming the smell of rain. Not as intense as freshly cut grass, a subtle scent all its own. The smell of rain is scent anew.

The scent is fresh. Like the removal of stale air that has consumed any sense of goodness in the oxygen which we breath. The air we had previously become accustomed to, not knowing it was anything but fresh and in fact was no better than day old bread left out to dry. Each day we had come out for a walk, inhaling deeply, satisfied. All the while filling our nostrils and our lungs with less than. Okay to be satiated, by stale air.

And then, rain falls. Our senses awakened. Eyes close, shoulders drop then rise, lungs expand, spine lengthens. Scent anew fills our nostrils from the freshly fallen rain having cleared all pollution.



“I’m sorry you have to live in this hideous apartment. You deserve better than this.” My brow furrowed as I watched his eyes scan the room.

Inwardly I chastised myself for opening the door to him. It was after midnight. I was alone in the apartment my daughter and I had fled to in the middle of the night just a few short weeks ago. The knock had startled me as I tip-toed around the lonely apartment. My daughter was at her first sleep over with a girl from her new school. She was only half a block up the street. I assured myself I could go get her if she needed me at any moment. I quickly realized it was I who needed her.

He stepped towards me. I backed away.

“You don’t have to stay here, you know. You can come back home. I forgive you.” Once again, I was in the wrong and he was here to assure me he would take me back.

I scanned the room just as he had. Mouth closed, words caught in my throat. Our living room had a full-size sofa and matching love seat, an oak framed glass coffee table and two matching side tables. a large tube television sat on a stand across the room from the sofa, antenna sticking up, reaching for the connection floating in the air above our home.

My hand slid across the clean surface of the dining room table in front of me. Large oval dark brown formica surface with heavy metal legs holding it up. Four solid chairs reminded me of captains seats on the Star Trek Enterprise I used to watch on Sunday nights as a kid. He stood behind one of the faux leather chairs, staring at my face. Our eyes connected. His full of question. Mine, empty.

“What are you thinking?”, he asked.

I shook my head.

“Come. on you can tell me. Really. I’m here for you. You and Laurie can come back to me. Like none of this ever happened. You can leave this dump and we can be a family again.” His eyes sparkled, pleased with himself.

I hadn’t understood what he saw when he first walked into the apartment. His words condemning what felt and looked beautiful to me. Each day I walked into this space, ever amazed at what my eyes beheld. The apartment was simple, comfortable, safe. A few photos of Laurie and I in frames I had purchased at Fred Meyer sat on the side tables. New memories we had created going on bike rides, just the two of us.

He spoke again, and it hit me, the air was growing stale. Each word he spoke emitting toxins into the space around us.

“We should watch a movie together. Maybe you could cut my hair.”

I glanced at the stack of papers on the table.

“I need you to sign these papers.” It was the first I had spoken since letting him into my home.

I slid the papers across the table toward him and grabbed a pen.

“What papers?”

“Divorce papers. It’s not final. I mean, if you go to counseling like you said you would, we can talk about working things out. But, for now, I need you to sign these papers.” I stared at him. He was silent. I willed him to respond, praying he would sign them.

“If I go to counseling, you’ll come back to me?” Don asked, his brow raised as he waited my reply.

“If you keep your word, we can talk about it. But first you need to sign these. I won’t file them yet. Please, do this one thing, for me.” I extended my hand offering him the pen.

He took the pen, looked into my eyes one more time before leaning over the table. I watched as he signed, tapped the pen on the table two times before setting it down.

“Can I have a hug?”, he asked.

I stepped towards him and allowed his arms to encircle my body. I kept my arms wrapped tight around myself, my body stiff to his touch. He held me for what seemed like an eternity. I cleared my throat and moved to step back. His arms released their hold on me.

“I’ll call a counselor tomorrow. You’ll see. I mean it.”

Don turned and walked towards the door to leave. I followed him, several steps behind.

His hand on the knob, he paused.

“I love you.”

I remained silent. He turned the knob, opened the door and left.

I closed the door behind him and turned the deadbolt. My heartbeat raced inside my chest. I turned back to the table and picked up the stack of papers, checking each page for his signature. Ninety days after filing, I would be free.

I inhaled. The air, like after freshly fallen rain, filled my lungs.

Warrior's Voice

My Dilemma

The battle rages between my mind, my heart and my fingers as I sit here ready to type. Three blog posts started, words flowing, fingers flying across the keys. One click is all it would take. In that moment, finger hovering over the button, the arrow floating above the word, ‘Publish’. My heart says yes. My mind says no. My finger, waits.

And so I ask, What Would You Do?

Or even better, What Would You Tell Me To Do?

I am compelled to post so many thoughts, truths of my past, current happenings, many of which would reveal circumstances that some would prefer left unknown.

What holds me back: 

  1. A desire not to hurt those I love, who while related, are themselves innocent.
  2. Fear of retaliation. Until now (if I do this), I have ignored, not engaged with my abuser.
  3. I know my abuser follows this blog, my business and author facebook pages.

Why am I compelled to write about these things:

  1. I believe my purpose is to use my story, my past, my present, all I have lived through to help others be able to speak, speak out against abuse.
  2. A survivor of domestic violence I cannot be silent.
  3. I believe if something is Not Okay, we have an obligation to say so.
  4. My abuser thinks if he hides behind the internet, pseudo names, he can continue to get away with abuse.

What do I want to do:

  1. Speak the truth
  2. Reveal the past
  3. Expose my abuser and all he has done and continues to do.


To live up to what I say and believe, That is NOT OKAY! To take a stand for myself and for others like me. To put a stop to abuse. One life,one post, at a time.


So, my question is, What would you do?


Warrior's Voice

Voice Unleashed – Warrior Uncovered

Oh to be able to speak my mind.

Believe me, one day I will.

I should say, at times right now, I do.

I speak it loud and clear.

And yet, at times I bite my tongue, hold my thoughts, clench my jaw.

Not because I fear what you all may think.

Oh no, I am well beyond looking for approval.

How to win friends and influence people? I’m not looking for friends I have to win.

As far as influencing, well, okay, maybe I do that a wee bit.

Why the spaces between each line? To give pause to each sentence I type tonight.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. One that I want to write freely about. One that I will write freely about.

The Warrior within me is crying out. Not a sad cry. No longer a lonely cry. Not in fear.

No, she is strong. Her resolve is renewed. She has discovered who she is. Her voice is no longer silenced.

She is ready for battle.

Her army surrounds her. They go before her, along side her, and follow behind her.

She is protected on all sides.

Tomorrow is the day the Warrior cries, “That’s NOT Okay!”

It never was. It isn’t. And it never will be.


To be continued……

Book Reviews

Book Blurb – Five Men Who Broke My Heart

I have sat with this book in front of me, next to me, within eyesight for three days. To write a review or not, that is the question I wrestled with. The battle was real. I cannot write a true review as I have read but 90 of the over 200 pages. And yet, maybe that is the review. I was unable, unwilling to continue reading for the sake of finishing the book.

A writer myself, it pains me to type this. How would I feel if someone were to post, for all to see, that they were unable, unwilling to read my words to the end, as bitter as it may be. First of all, I do not have a full book in print as of yet, for one to read, let alone review. And second, who am I to think that my review bears weight of any kind to another auther. (cue laughter)

I love to read and am reading a large amount of books as of late. Mostly memoir, but not entirely. I throw in a bit of fiction and creative nonfiction as well. I’d love to read a book per week, which could be possible if the book met my longing. I long for a book to grab hold of me, so much so, I hate to put it down. I want to find myself reading at night until the black type blurs turning to grey as it mixes with the whiteness of the page it sits on. To wake in the morning rushing through my responsibilities sneaking 5 minutes here and there with the book, Each turn of the page better than the one before.

Five Men Who Broke My heart was not to be, not for me. I was intrigued by the idea of a woman going back to meet, find, connect with the men who had first captured her heart before breaking it. I made it through the chance meet up with #1 and #2 with great effort and a bit of skin reading here and there. I kept waiting for that moment when the story would grab hold of me and pull me throught to the end. After 7 chapters, more than I give most books, it just wasn’t doing it.

That said, I can’t tell you if the book is good, great, or terribly bad. All I can say is, it wasn’t for me. Each relationship, her current the two from the past I made it through, were bland. They lacked energy, drama, excitement, whatever it might take to reel me in for the long haul. Each time I closed the book, it was without hesitation. Not even the slight sense of reluctance of needing to move on to a different task. I wanted to finish it, as I hate to quit. I couldn’t do it. I have officially let it go. Closed the book for the final time.

Tomorrow I will return it to the library.

I am left with this question:

If I do not finish the book, do I still click the ‘Have Read’ on Good Reads?